Busting out of the NICU

Tuesday (11/25/14) was another uneventful day. We spent the moms in part of the day holding Jay and trying to nurse.

At some point, we got word that he might be getting moved out of the NICU to a different nursery. I, of course, was ecstatic because I figured that was just one step closer to being home. Later that afternoon, we found out for sure that he was getting moved to the Special Care Nursery.

Around 4:00 we packed up all of his things and the nurse wheeled his bed doe the hall to the new nursery. Jamie and I had gotten so used to the procedures and “way of life” in the NICU that it was sort of a adjustment to be in a new place with him. I was so used to having a nursery by his side constantly.
There were 9 babies in the SCN and 3 nurses. The room was much more open and there wasn’t always a nurse right by his side.

I immediately learned that the grass isn’t always greene on the other side and life in the NICU wasn’t so bad. I had been so focused I getting out of the NICU that I wasn’t even aware of how lucky we were to be in there! The nurses in the SCN were just as amazing, but the unknown place made it very nerve wracking to leave him that night. I remember saying “what if he cries and they don’t hear him or if they are busy with another baby?”

I wanted to be back in the NICU in our little corner with his own nurse, and wished I wouldn’t have rushed trying to get out of there.

Life in the special care got better, of course, and we grew used to having a little more freedom with our boy!


Going to bed in his new place in the Special Care Nursery!


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